Please share howGolf Therapyhas impacted your life of the life of someone you care about.



"Susie always made sure my husband had a good day on the golf course! She knew how to make golf fun for him again, even when he was having a challenging day with his Alzheimer’s disease. Cheerful, upbeat, flexible, encouraging, thoughtful, caring, professional and compassionate. Susie is all those things for both her golf clients AND their caregivers! Living in the moment on a golf course on a sunny day with Golf Therapy gave him one last summer to do what he had enjoyed for many years." 

Sue H., player's wife


"I will be thanking God for us playing golf together as soon as we are done"

Joe G., player


 “My dad was a lifelong golfer and he was able to physically play the sport until recently. As his memory declined, he needed help with tasks such as club selection and finding his ball. Susie and her team were a perfect fit for him.

They were extremely helpful, understanding, punctual and professional. They provided an avenue for my dad to continue to play golf despite his mental limitations. There is no substitute for getting out on the course and playing when the weather allows. He had fun and his mood was noticeably improved during and after golf outings. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to allow their loved one to continue playing the great sport of golf.”

Dr. Jason H., player's son


"Golf Therapy was the highlight of my week!."

     Ken P., player


"Everyone seems happy here!"

Al Z., player


"God bless what you do, you brought tears to my eyes when you spoke about Golf Therapy"


Linda G., Wellness Director 


"We enjoy having Susie bringing her "golf husbands" to our course. We know they love it by the smiles on their faces"

​Trevor H., Gotf Pro NOGC 


"I really enjoy golfing with Susie Pike. It is so great to be back on the course."

     Pat W., player


"Thank you so much for thinking of this.

You must be an angel."

     Mary S., Geriatric Nurse


"You are going to bring so much happiness to so many seniors"

Sue A., Senior Consultant


"I haven't had this much fun in a long time.
Thank you!"

      David D., player