Sandy Jorgensen

​Golf Therapist

This is howGolf Therapy™ will benefit these golfers hoping to get back on the course.

Susie Pike, Golf Therapist

President of Golf Therapy

We choose the most appropriate course for their level of play, based on an assessment outing, and occassionally can even provide transportation to or from the golf course. 


We don’t offer a “caregiver” or “babysitter” experience.  

We offer a regular round of enjoyable golf, with a little extra help.  

The therapy is provided by a golfer who is knowledgeable in the rules of golf, it’s etiquette and course nuances. They are also trained in early onset Alzheimer disease, dementia and other age related issues and behaviors of the challenged golfer. We are dressed appropriately for a day out on the links.

Golf Therapywould be the highlight of their week!

• Cognitive Impairment
    • Alzheimers Disease
    • Dementia
    • Parkinsons
• Macular Degeneration
• Isolation Behavior
• Regular Group No Longer Available
• Loss of Confidence in Play

Golf Therapy is here to help golfers remain happy, healthy & vital participants enjoying life again doing what they love.

We all know the health benefits of getting out and playing a round of golf.  Even 9 holes can be an important exercise routine and benefit to someone who is lucky enough to still be a potential golfer. Because they LOVE the game of golf and have been playing their whole lives, when the aging process does begin, they may find it difficult to enjoy this important part of their life without some help.

Golf Therapy™ helps to improve cognition, socialization, physical activity, stress levels and nutrition of the golfer.

Do you know a person who loves to golf,

but hasn’t been able to for a variety of reasons?

John Klopp

Golf Therapist


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​Golf Therapist

Jim Traxler

​Golf Therapist

Golf Courses

Is there a member that you know that would love to be back on the course...

Golf Therapy works with the private club golf pro or membership director to identify these individuals.  Schedule their rounds, then bill them appropriately to the Club.  Golf Therapy is then paid by the club, the fee is charged to the member, and the club includes a small service fee for their participation in this important service.  It’s a win-win-win.

You as the club create another revenue stream with zero to little added expense.

You provide a new service to members who normally wouldn’t be spending their money on the course.   And, while doing that, you’re helping that member continue their aging process in a healthy, vital way, that keeps them active at your club…whether they spend money on greens fees, lunch afterward, on course food/drink or pro shop goods as well.

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